Reaching Camp: Fairport, MI

David J. Ruck Headed to Griffin Project

Producer/Cinematographer David J. Ruck headed to Fairport, MI for the expedition.

There’s a certain mystery in the air as you head up to the U.P. of Michigan. Crossing the 5-mile Mackinaw Bridge, taking a sharp left onto US 2, crawling along the northern coast of Lake Michigan until you come to the Garden Peninsula. From there, it’s a straight shot south until you reach the point, jetting out far into Lake Michigan.

Sunset along M2 West

The Sunset Along M2 in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

At this point you are about 8 miles away from where La Salle’s ship may have violently disappeared in a storm in 1679 and is now resting dormant in mucky sentiment some feet below the waterline.

Milky Way stars visible over Lake Michigan from Fairport, MI

The Milky Way is clearly visible in the South East sky from Fairport, MI.

Fairport is a beautiful place. Simple. Quiet. Islands dot the horizon. The Milky Way arches over head, extending from Lake Michigan up towards the North Star.

For the week and a half, this camper will be home. The experts are gathering from around the globe. The air is pregnant with possibility. I’m looking forward to sinking into the elements with my gear, observing the removing of the layers of sediment, pealing away the last few hundred years, hopefully revealing what we all hope is the oldest shipwreck of the upper Great Lakes…

Stars over the campers in Fairport, MI

The accommodations in Fairport, MI. Beautiful summer skies above.


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