This is not what the data suggested

Today we learned that the wooden beam, stuck in the bottom of the lake, just keeps going down, down, deeper and deeper. The commercial divers and archaeologists have been busy clearing away dirt, rock, and zebra mussels from the base of the beam. The data from the scientific surveys suggested that we would only have to dig two feet. They have so far dug about eight feet into the sediment and the beam keeps going.

Great Lakes Diving & Salvage over the wreck site.

Great Lakes Diving & Salvage, contracted to perform the dredging and lifting operations on the wreck site of what may be the Griffin.

Above is the commercial diving operations boat, The Viking, hovering near the site.

Archaeologists search for clues in the mud.

Archaeologists working on the site search for clues in sediment brought up from the lake bottom.

Above, archaeologists sort through sediment excavated from around the dredging operations.

Commercial Diver from Great Lakes Diving & Salvage gets ready to dive.

Divers from Great Lakes Diving & Salvage gear up to head down to the site to perform dredging operations near the exposed artifact in Lake Michigan.

Commercial diver from Great Lakes Diving & Salvage prepares to plunge down to the dredging site.

Commercial Diver Jumps In

A commercial diver from Great Lakes Diving & Salvage jumps overboard to sink down to the site in Lake Michigan.

Jumping in.

Archaeologists search for clues

Archaeologists observe a video monitor with a feed from the commercial diver’s helmet, working on the wreck site down below the boat.

Archaeologists observe the video feed from the commercial diving operations, looking for evidence of cultural artifacts.

Hopefully tomorrow we’ll be jumping in again with the underwater camera.


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