The French Connection

Yesterday was a two-dive day. Today we did one.

It was the most pleasant day yet. Putting on the gear, setting up the camera, waiting for the dive master to tell me to jump in… This seems as routine as it could get I suppose.

Great Lakes Diving & Salvage

The dredge boat sits above the site as the scientific team approaches on another vessel.
David J. Ruck

The Gates Underwater Housing and the EX1 are proving to so far be a bulletproof setup. Save for Day 1 when for unexplained reasons the focus failed right after entering the water and I spent 40 minutes being pissed at my equipment at the bottom of Lake Michigan. That hasn’t happened since.


Ken Vrana, serving as Dive Master on a dive to take specific measurements of the beam.
David J. Ruck

One of the most valuable lessons learned is to wear ankle weights when you have the Superwide Dome Port on the housing. It might otherwise want to tip you forward and then you’ll be wrestling to get a steady shot without fighting the camera. Though it is much improved with the positively-buoyant collar as well.

French Divers explore the stie

French Divers examine what they believe is a portion of the bow sprit of a very old wreck, possibly Le Griffon.
David J. Ruck – Great Lakes Exploration Group

I’ve been having a great time, diving daily, getting comfortable with the gear, making some really great friends with some truly amazing people from around the world, and doing what I love: going on an adventure with a camera in-hand.

Michel L'Hour, Olivia, Erik, Reid

Reid Lewis and the French Dive Team after a scientific dive with the author.
Lindsey Sitz – Rubangfilms

More to come as we continue to examine the site!


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