David J. Ruck

David Ruck - Scuba

David on a training dive in Lake Leelanau. Traverse City, MI

David J. Ruck is a filmmaker and educator from Whitehall, Michigan.  He currently lives in Bethesda, MD and is the President of Rubangfilms, a small production company that focuses on subjects that involve science, exploration, history, and space.

He began his filmmaking career as an undergraduate at Grand Valley State University, in Allendale, Michigan in 1999. Since that time he has explored topics including the polluting of White Lake, Michigan near his home town by a chemical company; the waste disposal practices of a sand mining company in west Michigan. He has been chased by Maoists through the mountains of Nepal, jumped out of airplanes, and loves to do just about anything involving water.

David received his BS in Film from Grand Valley State University in 2004; a Master of Science in Communication from Grand Valley in 2007, and recently received his Master of Fine Arts from The American University, in Washington, DC.

“I love to have experiences that maybe not a lot of people will ever have, and then somehow try to capture that experience and share it with the world so anyone that wants to can benefit from it, enjoy, learn from it, maybe be inspired to try it themselves!”

He’s been working on the Griffon project for just over two years.  His thesis film is about a young man that dreams of becoming an astronaut and the state of today’s human spaceflight program.  “My goal for the Griffon project is to work with the team to establish an international co-production with the best production companies in the US and Europe to tell the amazing story of La Salle, The Griffon, and the 330 year journey to understand how it sank – and where.”


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